Mundane Astrology: The Israel — Hamas War

A review of the October 7, 2023 Hamas attack on Israel from an astrological lens.

Author calculated chart using LUNA Cloud Astrology Software

Can astrology predict events? Perhaps, when we’re looking for them. Ultimately, people are the variable. Our free will of human energy forces for positive/good or negative/evil always determine results.

Mundane astrology is a sister practice to financial astrology where we forecast and analyze global and political events from an astrological lens. Financial astrologers often study both since major world events can seriously effect investments and markets.

The above chart indicates great tension in the sky. Most significantly there’s a Grand Cardinal Cross on the angles of the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses. The angles in cardinal signs when triggered can suggest a turning point or time of initiating something substantial.

The inside middle circle shows all the above planetary alignments. The visible big red square shows just how much the angles are being hit.

The nation of Israel was born May 14, 1948 at 4 pm is shown in the light gray circle according to this data:

Exceptional astrological relevance of the October 7, 2023 Hamas attack on Israel is shown by transits in the dark gray circle to Israel’s natal chart.

Professional astrologers typically agree it takes at least 3 unique pairings to forecast an event will occur. When Hamas attacked Israel on October 7 there were indeed more:
— Transiting South Node (the past) and Mars (God of war, aggression) conjoined Israel’s Ascendant (self, physical body)
— Transiting North Node (future direction) and Eris (Goddess of war, violence, discord) conjoined Israel’s Descendant (partnerships, relationships)
— Transiting Pluto (power, transformation) conjoined Israel’s IC (home, land) and opposed Israel’s MC (status, achievement) + the transits above create a Grand Cardinal Cross
— Transiting Uranus (surprise events, disruptions) conjoined Israel’s Sun (life force, soul) and opposed Israel’s Chiron (wounds that need healing)
— Transiting Jupiter (expansion, exaggeration) conjoined Israel’s North Node (future) and opposed Israel’s South Node (past)
— Transiting Venus (relationships, money) conjoined Israel’s Mars (war, aggression)

As I wrote in my July to December 2023 Forecast Report:
“…One other insight about the North Node is how it will link to Eris, the…



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